Dynamic cyber attack protection at every step

Our solution is more than software — it’s managed cybersecurity, with technology to monitor and support to resolve issues fast.

Elpha Secure's cyber security dashboard for small businesses

Tailored Cybersecurity Software

Why we’re a great fit for small businesses

You get an all-in-one digital defense that fits into your existing processes to manage your risk, with:

A lightweight suite of features to defend against ransomware, social engineering, and more, all in real time.

A user-friendly platform that allows you to keep control over your risk response and your business data. 

Automated updates and alerts when something goes wrong, and a human to help when you need it.

Guaranteed security. Our software has been audited and validated by leading third-party security professionals.

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Seamless Integration

We work alongside other tools
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Cybersecurity in Action

Welcome to your cyber safe house

Our software is powered by machine learning, and it installs on your devices in seconds. Here are some of the highlights from our suite of features and services.

Critical Data Backups icon

Critical Data Backups

Retrieve your uncompromised data instantly with encrypted backups stored offsite.

Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) icon

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Access your company system remotely (and keep impersonators out of your network).

Virtual Private Network (VPN) icon

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Provide a secure network connection with a VPN for an extra layer of protection.

Network Security and Privacy Liability Icon

Software Version Management

Get alerts on outdated versions of software to fix vulnerabilities ASAP.

Real-time Threat Monitoring icon

Real-Time Threat Monitoring

We monitor system analytics to respond quickly to potential endpoint threats.

Security Operations Center (SOC) icon

Security Operations Center (SOC)

Our SOC experts are here to offer immediate support in case of a cyber attack.

Want to dig deeper into our features? 

Technology FAQs

Data Protection and Restoration

Stop attackers in their tracks

Data backups and secure remote access are two crucial tools to defend against ransomware and data corruption. You get both with Elpha Secure.

Disarm ransomware with data backups

Ransomware goes after the heart of a business — the data itself.

Once a hacker finds their way into your network, they encrypt your files and demand payment to restore your access.

Elpha Secure's backup tools interface

How Elpha Secure’s data backup tool defeats ransomware:


Automatic Backups

Each time you change a file, it’s automatically backed up and every version is kept safely offsite for you.


Rapid Data Restoration

When the cyber criminal hacks into your network, we help to quickly restore your data with the Elpha Secure platform.


No Ransom Payment

You retrieve your files, ignore the ransom request, and get back to work with little to no business downtime.

Protect your data with a secure connection

Impersonating a user is an easy way into a network. And it can happen very quickly.

Once they convince someone to let them in, the hacker can run a program to infect devices on the network or steal sensitive info.

Elpha Secure's MFA tools interface

How Elpha Secure’s multi-factor authentication (MFA) defends you:


Confirm Twice

Employees use two factors to authenticate themselves (password plus a one-time SMS code) when they log in remotely.


Repel Attackers

It’s nearly impossible for a hacker to intercept SMS direct messages, so they can’t get the info they need to impersonate the employee.


Sidestep Ransomware

Your company network stays safe and secure, so you’ll avoid data breaches and the prospect of a ransomware attack.

You can make MFA even stronger by adding a virtual private network (VPN) to ensure a secure connection from start to finish. We provide that, too — find more info in our Help Center!

Customer support expert and breach support

Installation + Breach Support

Always on, ready to help

You can be a target for hackers without realizing it. Here’s the good news: we set you up with the best cyber protection you can get, including immediate hands-on support.

Behind the scenes

Our telemetry tool alerts our Security Operations Center experts, who will analyze the problem and guide you. In the meantime, get tips and answers to your software questions in our Help Center

What happens after a breach?

If you’re attacked, our software will help recover your data and remove malware from compromised systems. 

We also work with Incident Response Professionals, who can help you clear the alert and manage any consequences of the incident as quickly as possible. 

If something slips through your software defense, your cyber insurance will help you recover from the fallout. More on your insurance coverage here.

Cyber Protection, Ensured

Insurance fused with security software for a complete defense.

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