The first cyber coverage to actively reduce risk

Inclusive cyber insurance in a simple-to-understand policy. The best part? It comes with our cybersecurity software and support.

Business owner with an insurance policy and cybersecurity tools
Small business owner being protected by Elpha Secure's three offerings

The Elpha Difference

At last, an insurance policy that gives back, right from day one.

First-Rate Software

Our cybersecurity technology is part of your policy, so you’re managing risk from the very start — which means you’re far less likely to ever make a claim.

24/7 Support

Count on our team of experts for speedy support. Our Security Operations Center will respond to events in real time, which can avert an incident or accelerate your claim.

Enhanced Coverage

Simply using our software sweetens the deal: you’ll get lower Loss Retention, lower Waiting Periods, and longer Periods of Restoration to help you recover and get back to business quickly. 

Cyber Insurance Coverage

Coverage that can save the day

A cyber attack can happen to anyone. If it happens to you, we help you land on your feet with a policy that covers serious threats, including ransomware recovery.

icon for ransomware & extortion loss

Extortion Loss

If ransomware forces you to pay a ransom to restore access to your system, we’ll reimburse you for that payment.

Data restoration icon

Data Restoration

When a cyber attack results in stolen or compromised data, we’ll pay to restore your data so you can minimize downtime.  

Business Interruption icon

Business Interruption

We help cover the costs of the income you lose and expenses you incur after an incident, so you can pick up where you left off. 

Cyber crime icon

Cyber Crime

We’ll reimburse you for a fraudulent funds transfer, which means your business won’t have to absorb the loss.

Hardware Replacement icon

Hardware Replacement

We’ll replace permanently damaged or infected physical devices to get you back on track with the tech you rely on.

Network Security and Privacy Liability Icon

Network Security & Privacy Liability

We help with costs arising from claims made against you, like legal fees and settlements to affected customers.

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Online Quotes

Get a quote in seconds

A streamlined application and underwriting process means less effort for everyone and no waiting around for a quote.

A complimentary external scan generates a risk scorecard for the business.

Provide a few more details in our online form to generate a quote on the spot.

Brokers can bind policies online and visit their dashboard to see all activity.

More on the broker process

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Incidents and Claims

Our cycle of support

Hands-on expertise meets helpful technology for close monitoring, less friction, and a better experience at each step of the way. You’ve got our full attention.

Fast Detection

We monitor metadata to spot suspicious activity and deal with threats as they arise.

Careful Resolution

Too late to avoid a breach? A claims officer is on call to help resolve your claim ASAP.

our claims cycle of support
Immediate Escalation

When we detect an issue, it goes right to our 24/7 Security Operations Center for analysis.

Expert Intervention

Time to act: you'll work with our Incident Response partners to attend to the alert.

Cyber Protection, Ensured

Insurance fused with security software for a complete defense.

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