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Best-in-Class Cybersecurity Tech

Cyber attacks are becoming more dangerous and frequent every day, but protecting your business, assets, data, and employees has never been easier.

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Complex Risk Mitigation Meets User-Friendly Tech

We've created the ideal security suite for small to midsize businesses looking for an affordable cybersecurity solution.

Always-on security software that alerts you of threats and potential risks continuously

Realtime up-to-date backups of your most vital files

Secure remote access

A robust virtual private network

One-Click Cybersecurity
Protection for Growing Businesses

Our easy-to-setup cybersecurity platform is built to be a "hands-off" risk mitigation solution for small to medium-sized businesses. Think of us as your Chief Security Officer in a box.

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Real-Time Threat Monitoring

Detects and mitigates potential threats based on system monitoring and analytics

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Critical-Data Backups

Backs up your critical data in an encrypted form – continuously and automatically

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Secure Remote Access

Enables secure remote access to all your assets using two-factor authentication

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Ransomware Remediation

Restores compromised systems within a few hours from full-system backups

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Virtual Private Network

Provides a secure network connection for your employees, regardless of their location

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Insider Threat Detection

Detects anomalous user-related activities within your organization and contains them

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Flexible Plans

Build the plan that works best for you and your team.

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Base Plan


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We've created the ideal security suite for small to midsize businesses looking for an affordable cybersecurity solution.

Get started with 10 users

1 TB cloud storage included

All features included + free future upgrades

Add additional storage & licenses as your team grows

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Include individuals working from home on personal devices

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The average employee uses 100GB of data per device

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10 Devices x $15 each


1 TB of Data x $100 each

Included Free

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Reported cyber attacks bypassed their standard antivirus protection


Lack the funds required to recover from a data breach or cyber attack


Do not have the personnel in-house to handle cyber threats properly


Experienced a breach of customer and employee data  in the past 12 months

Cybersecurity Statistics for Small to Midsize Businesses

Commonly Asked Questions

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about our technology from business owners like you.

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What are the system requirements?

The Elphaware software runs on Windows 7 or newer, and Mac OS Catalina or newer. The portal can be accessed from any modern browser.

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How do I install the software?

When you purchase Elphaware, you will receive an email with personalized download links. Simply download the appropriate installer for your operating system, and double click to run.

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What are the primary benefits of the software?

Once the software is installed, it takes steps to harden your system, ensuring that attacks are much less likely to succeed. The software operates in the background, and does not require significant interaction from the user.

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What happens if an attack does occur?

The Elphaware software attempts to identify attacks in progress, and if we spot them, we will send a notification to the machine and an email to the account holder. We will automatically take any steps needed to mediate the attack if possible, or otherwise, direct the user to steps they should take.

If an attack does result in data loss or compromised systems, the Elphaware software can be used to assist in data recovery and malware removal.

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As a systems admin how do I manage my organization's software?

The Elphaware software provides a web portal that displays all machines in your organization that have our software installed. The portal can be used to enable and disable features and identify potential issues across your fleet.

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How do I configure the backup tool?

The Elphaware software automatically backs up important directories on your machine to the cloud. Files are encrypted on the client machine and cannot be accessed by us. To ensure data recovery in the event of a complete loss of systems, please back up the encryption key, by emailing it to yourself and printing a hard copy.

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How do I use the remote access tool?

The Elphaware software automatically blocks remote login attempts to your machine. If you would like to log in remotely, access the Elphaware portal from any machine and select the "Unlock remote access" button. You will be able to login from that machine for the next 15 minutes.
By default, accessing the portal requires two factor authentication.

Therefore, you will need your phone or other device to unlock remote access.

Together, We'll Keep Your Business Secure From Cyber Criminals

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